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Your Trade Union Law Firm

UnionLine is wholly owned by the CWU & GMB and provides a full range of legal services and benefits to all CWU members, this includes personal injury and employment law claims, free simple wills, preferred rates for probate & Powers of Attorney, fixed rate conveyancing, as well as an advice line that covers any legal matter. We have also introduced a motor legal service, a criminal and regulatory service, family law service and a dedicated Scottish Law firm service. We provide free legal advice, case preparation and merit assessments to members, and work alongside union officials to find the right negotiated solutions where appropriate.

CWU members register your claims on-line here


By operating on a not-for-profit basis, UnionLine returns all legal costs recovered to the CWU & GMB. Our prime focus is entirely on providing exceptional legal services to union members who retain 100% of their compensation awarded. UnionLine also acts as the sole legal services provider to the British Dietetic Association.

For free legal advice call: 0300 333 0303 or visit our website

Welcome to UnionLine – The trade union law firm, the first call for the legal needs of union members
Check out our U Tube video for more information.
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